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Sleepy Hollow Handmade


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Step into the enchanting world of Midnight, where peace and tranquility reign supreme. Our artisanal, vegan bar soap is a labor of love, carefully crafted to immerse you in a soothing, rejuvenating experience that mirrors the calm embrace of a midnight sky.

As you hold this handmade masterpiece, you'll feel the gentle caress of olive oil, the creamy embrace of coconut oil, and the deep hydration of cocoa butter. Each ingredient has been thoughtfully chosen to offer your skin the care it deserves.

The scent of Midnight is a symphony of fragrances, delicately balanced to provide an incredibly fragrant journey. Picture the zesty burst of grapefruit and bergamot, with warm, comforting notes of white tea, nutmeg, jasmine, and rose.

Embrace the magic of Midnight, and let it transport you to a realm of tranquility and self-care. With each use, you'll not only cleanse your body but also embark on a journey of quiet reflection, a moment to catch up on rest for your weary body. Choose Midnight for your self-care routine, and let the essence of peace and tranquility wash over you, one lather at a time. 🌙✨

Vegan, Palm Free
Item Weight: 4.4 oz.

Ingredients: olive oil, coconut oil, distilled water, cocoa butter, sodium hydroxide, castor oil, fragrance, kaolin clay, mica, titanium dioxide, iron oxide, manganese violet, tin oxide, ultramarine blue


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